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From Small Town Girl to International Business Woman!

International businesswoman, Lauren Nichole Roberts, has always had big dreams. Little did she know that those dreams could become so much larger! Lauren is on her way to her ultimate success and desires to take as many individuals with her as she possibly can. Take a walk down memory lane with Lauren Nichole Roberts, and journey with her through her past into the future.

Where is Lauren from?

Lauren grew up in a small town in central Kansas called Plevna. Plevna had an average population of 67 people. Growing up, when Lauren would look outside her window she could see her grandparents home out one window and her family's livestock out the others. She started out as any other small farm town girl would. She learned to love animals, the beauty of nature, and the simple things in life.

Who is Lauren now? 

Lauren went from the life of a small town girl to the life of an international businesswoman at the age of 18, thanks to the Network Marketing Industry. Lauren began traveling globally as a network marketing trainer and public speaker right out of high school as a Success Coach for Professional Networkers. She utilized the experience and connections she formed to start growing her own business as a Network Marketing Leader where she established a National and International Business Globally and went on to found her own support team, now know as Next Generation Networkers. Lauren has already accomplished so much as a now 31-year-old woman! Lauren has already taken thousands to new levels of success, even creating her own exclusive training system, The Roadmap To Your Success, but she will do so much more throughout her future career! 

Mentored By The BEST!

"Lauren is one of the sharpest networkers that I've ever seen during my 52+ years of success in the network marketing industry."

Mike Akins began his career in network marketing at the young age of 19, and went from a stuttering introvert to a world renowned leader in the network marketing industry. Mike has been esteemed as one of the world's greatest network marketers in trade magazines.


❤️🧡💚💙 💜

Love is such a beautiful thing. Love is everything beautiful, and good all wrapped up into one word. If everyone could learn to not only embrace love but become love, this world would become something beyond our wildest imagination!


This world is FULL of different opinions, perspectives, religions, cultures, backgrounds, point of views, the list goes on infinitely. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is we are all different. Just because someone is different, does not mean they are bad. It just means they see things differently than you see them. It is okay to share our perspectives and opinions with others but it is also important that we always remember to extend respect and kindness IN SPITE OF OUR DIFFERENCES!


People have so much potential but most of the time they never are able to reach their fullest capacity. If everyone functioned at their highest capacity this world would be a completely different place! I aspire to inspire and empower others to become their best version of themselves.



📱Network Marketing with & CMO of Great Life World Wide 
🗣️Public Speaking
🧠Certified Success & Life Coach
💻Founder and Creator of The RoadMap To Your Success Coaching System
💻Co-Founder & Co-Creator of Great Women World Wide Coaching System
💎Founder and CEO of DiamondsR4Life
🌎Founder & CEO of Next Generation Networkers
🫶Youth & Young Adult Associate Pastor in Training
✒️ Author 
📜Certified in/through CRP, DSP, MANDT, First Aid, K-Dot to Drive & Operate Handicap Accessible Vehicles
👩‍🏫Certified ACE Supervisor & Educator


💚Personal Growth
💙Helping Others 
🏡The Homeless
🫶Human Rights
📇Small Businesses
🤟IDD Community 
🍃Nature & The Environment
♻️Recycling & Proper Waste Management
🔋Green/ Renewable Energy
🧸Animal Kindness
🏗️Sustainable urban Development & Mobility
👵The Elderly
🪸Clean Oceans & Protection of Coral Reefs
☀️Climate Change Awareness
🛍️ Thrifting/ Upcycling/ Re-Purposing/ Re-using/ Sustainability
🌎Maintaining & Protecting a Healthy Biodiversity


📸Photography & Videography
🍃 Nature 
🍄Mushroom Enthusiast & Lover
🫖Tea Enthusiast & Lover
🫁Health & Fitness
📅Event Planning
🗺️World Travel
🙏Culture Education & Integration
🧠Personal Education 
👩‍🏫Education of Others
🫶Local Community Support & Volunteering
🏋️‍♀️Weight Lifting 
🧠Educational Documentaries/ Podcasts/ Books
🤔Problem Solving


Get ready for support that is unparalleled in the industry! This winning combination offers TRIPLE-TIER SUPPORT for everyone! Click the links below to learn more about Next Generation Networkers™, GreatLife WordWide™ & Professional Networkers™.

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Training & Team Motivation

You and your team will have access to our conference calls, webinars, and in-person training and leadership events


Products That Work

Our products are world-class health & wellness products that work! Join  the Immune System Revolution!


A Corporate Team You Can Trust

You will join forces with a corporate team that cares for you and your success. You will have a team that you can count on to meet both you and your marketing families needs! 

FUN FACT: Both Lauren and Elijah are a part of the corporate team!!


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This compensation strategy pays out more than any other nutritional company in the industry! 


World-class leadership 

Network marketing legends have joined forces with this company because they know this is the BEST of the best! 


A Founder That Cares

Greg and his family are genuine humanitarians that care for others. Greg works hard with his corporate staff to always give his leaders the BEST support, products, and chance to achieve the highest level of success! 


A Marketing  Strategy That WORKS!

This companies marketing strategy and philosophy meets the criteria for ultimate success

GreatLife Worldwide

A Real Opportunity for EVERYONE! We firmly believe that success is within reach for EVERYONE. The world is brimming with exceptional individuals with immense potential. Sadly, many are confined to lives that fall short of their true potential. Our relentless efforts have led us to a solution that can unlock lifelong success for anyone. A groundbreaking opportunity is now available for everyone, as we expand our reach worldwide! This is an unparalleled opportunity for ALL! 



I would LOVE to be a part of your journey to ultimate success!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Lauren started her network marketing career at the age of 18. 

Lauren has already been a big dreamer. She had many goals and dreams in life growing up. She desired to teach, speak, author books, travel the world, and make a difference in this life in whatever way she could. She went to her career days during her school years and contemplated many different career paths but none would allow her to have the freedom or opportunity to everything she aspired to do. 

When Lauren walked across the stage at her high school graduation, her career choice was as quoted "Lauren will follow whatever path God has planned for her life. She is unsure of where this will take her but she looks forward to every second of it!" Of coarse, not everyone was content with her choice to be open-minded and just see what life brings, but Lauren was sure of her decision. 

Shortly after this, she met Mike Akins, who became her mentor. The first time Lauren walked into Mike's office she saw tons of photos of Mike and Marsha and the Professional Networkers team around the globe with people from many different countries. Of course, this intrigued Lauren so Lauren asked to be hired by the staff. Mike already had a complete staff and did not really need another staff member, but he figured out something part-time (She also became a certified A.C.E. teacher at a private Christian school during this time. She LOVED being a teacher until her students graduated into the next classroom!). To start with, he told Lauren she could manage the inventory room. This was a big task and he thought this would keep her busy for a while. A few hours later, Lauren went back to Mike with a new system and it was organized. As Mike toured the inventory room he thought of the next thing he could have Lauren do. Mike and Patricia (his general manager) tried to keep Lauren as busy as they could with  odds and ends. But in between the competed tasks, Lauren read through every piece of literature she could get her hands on. As Lauren acquired knowledge, she became more of a useable asset in the team. Mike saw this go-getter attitude in Lauren and her capacity to learn and he decided to have her trained in as a success coach. 

Lauren ended up hanging with the best of his success coaches. She worked with hundreds and thousands of leaders from around the world. She had already traveled to many places at the age of 18. During her career as a staff member for Professional Networkers the organization more than doubled in size from around 250,000 members to over 800,000 members is more than 100 countries! Mike eventually decided to place Lauren as one of his 4 primary legs. Her business quickly expanded; but more importantly, Lauren was discovered to become an excellent leader to her organization. She took all the experiences, and knowledge she accumulated through her experience as a success coach and built incredible tools and systems for her team, like The RoadMap to Your Success course. Lauren has got to do everything she dreamed of and more! 

Lauren became a leader that would work with her marketing family to give them EVERYTHING within her capacity to help them excel. She had many leaders share their journey in networking and how they had either become successful and lost it, or never achieved success. Lauren takes each individual under her wing to work with them each step of the way. She is determined to see EVERYONE make it to their best potential and fulfill their dreams. She believes EVERYONE can become successful in networking as long as they are connected with the right program, and the right support! As long as an individual has those two components, they can achieve anything they set their eyes on.

Lauren LOVES network marketing because of its unparalleled opportunity to take everyday people into unlimited degrees of success! She has witnessed people of all ages, ethnicity, gender, and experience achieve success. She has seen people rise to their dreams and live their dream life time and time again. 

"Network marketing takes the average, everyday individual and creates a new path with endless possibility! This path can lead you anywhere! In a world where limits have become normal, this industry opens up doors beyond your wildest imagination. Network marketing can take you to your dreams and then you can go beyond those dreams and dream bigger!" -Lauren Nichole Roberts

Lauren has built with a grand total of two companies during the duration of her network marketing career. She will only build with what she believes to be the best for all 7 categories of networkers. She worked with one company for over a decade. Now she is building with her second company that she sees supports all networkers better than her first venture. 

Lauren cares deeply about each member of her marketing family. She sees their dreams, their hopes, their needs. In her last venture she had to watch the compensation slowly evolve to cut out the bottom tier of networkers. She worked with many leaders in that tier of their success and was so excited to hear about them achieving the degree of success they had achieved. One elderly man that Lauren loved called her up when he got his 1st 50.00 USD check. She listened as he told her what he was going to do with it. It had been years since he had been able to afford to take his wife out on a nice date. He called Lauren after the date and told her all about it. This is what network marketing is about to Lauren. It is about the little guys that get left out being able to become successful.

The last company Lauren worked with cut this category of networker out overtime. First they took away their ability to qualify at the lowest rank category with a smaller personal LP amount. This broke Lauren's heart. She tried to create more systems, more support, and do what she could to keep this tier of leader in but it hurt many leaders. Lauren lost some really incredible people to that first change in compensation. When Lauren was asked about what she felt during this time she said "The heart of Network Marketing is to give EVERYONE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for success. When a company looses sight of this, they will become their own demise. Companies can only pay out a certain percentage of earnings across the board. A vital key in their compensation is paying out as much as possible to its members in a balanced manner! Everyone needs to be able to get paid in their compensation strategy. If they give too much of the pie to the top-tier, heavy hitter and don't leave enough for the other 6 categories of networkers they will suffer attrition from the bottom up. Overtime this will be something that defeats the overall company." 

She has met with the founder of this company and he has a genuine heart for his leaders. He also understands the importance of a company meeting each aspect of the equation for success in a company! He has structured the HIGHEST paying compensation plan that pays out MORE to EVERYONE! He knows the importance of excellent nutritional products that WORK! His company meets the standards for success for the company and the individual. Lauren believes in this company so much that she has accepted the offer to be the National Marketing & Sales Director for the company! "This company will be my home company for the rest of my networking career. I believe in this company and the future this company holds. It will be THE COMPANY to join for many decades to come!! I look forward to seeing where the future takes us!" 

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